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If like me you're always hearing the dreaded beeps of your dying battery at exactly the wrong moment then BattLogger is for you. It keeps complete control of your mobile's battery and will alert you well in advance of any problems. Just check the screen to see how much energy you're losing.

What's more, BattLogger gives you complete control of all settings, so if you need to know when your mobile needs charging, or is fully charged or is below your own set threshold level just set the siren. Then get ready with the plug!

Keep complete control of your phone's battery with BattLogger.

BattLogger Features:

  • Alert if batt charge has reached 100% when charging or still 100% when not plugged in
  • Alert if batt charge is already below or equal to the set level threshold
  • Time period logging & alerts
  • Numeric data for easier analysis
  • 3D bar graph for graphical representation of data
  • Line graph support
  • Command bar utilization for a real-time check of battery charge
  • MP3/Wav support for the alert sound
  • User-defined schedule of logging and alerts
  • Export the log to text file
  • User-friendly interface
  • Battery Voltage information included
  • Set and forget setup
  • 2 WAV files included for optional alert sounds (Requires Pocket Tunes), but it will still work without MP3/WAV files or Pocket Tunes
  • No alerts Option
  • DIA (Dynamic Input Area) support
  • 5-way navigation support
  • Supports HiRes and LoRes
  • 320x320 and 320x480 support



BattLogger 1.05

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